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Kneading Machine (MAS 107)
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The Kneading Machine (MAS 107) is suitable for both hard boiled candy and soft candy production plant.
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The pre-cooked sugar batch together with flavors, colors, acid is delivered on to the round working plate. Cooled by water water circulation of the kneading machine. Roller serve to fold and turn up the batch continuously for a period of 3 to 5 minutes so that a homogeneous batch can be obtained.

The kneading cycle depends on the weight of each batch and the temperature of cooling water. After kneading and cooling, the batch is free from air bubble.

This kneading machine is an essential device for producing first-class hard boiled candy with or without a filled center.

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21 06 2011
Just after independence, our fore fathers in Pakistan started & established their business in different fields i.e. textiles, agriculture, paper, oil, soap etc. Their skills and expertise was well recognized in Pakistan.
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